• Speedconcepts 997 RSR May 2015

    The Speedconcepts team has unveiled their latest creation at the 2015 One Lap of America - A 997 twin turbo with 2013 Porsche Motorsport RSR bodywork and a ton of other go fast goodies. More >

  • Speedconcepts SLS 2013-2014

    The Speedconcepts SLS has had a busy schedule that has included the 2013 OLOA, SEMA, the Optima Battery Ultimate Street Car Invitational, a photo shoot and featured article on Speedhunters.com and most recently the 2014 OLOA. More >

  • SpeedconceptsPorsche Wins March 2015

    The Speedconcepts team was busy this winter. They took the Speedconcepts vintage 73 Porsche RS and converted it in to a 74 RSR. The whole car was stripped to the tub and rebuilt. More >

  • Speedconcepts Custom - "Fatty" Oct. 15, 2010

    "Fatty" is a one of kind Speedconcepts custom creation. While Speedconcepts focuses on performance street car and race car fabrication and set up, we like to have fun with other projects as well. We would be happy to take any crazy idea you have and make it a reality.More >

  • Speedconcepts55 Chevy Coming Soon

    The long awaited 55 Chevy project from Speedconcepts is expected to be completed later this year. This car has morphed from a somewhat typical pro-street car to a complete one off custom that will be able to compete with just about anything on the steet or track.


Speedconcepts Mercedes SLS

Street legal version of the popular Mercedes SLS GT3 race car. Bolt in cage and many performance enhancements now available More >

Speedconcepts Nissan GT-R

Highly modified street legal GT-R. Proven performance package. 2011 and 2013 2nd overall in the One Lap of America More >

Speedconcepts 997 TT RSR

Speedconcepts has just created the coolest 911 on the street - a 997 twin turbo with RSR bodywork. More >

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Want to Race?

Speedconcepts Can Help You Get Your Start In Racing Cars

Think you have what it takes to get behind the wheel of a race car? The crew at Speedconcepts have various opportunities for you to get started. We are active in the racing communnity and can help you get your start regardless of your area of interest. We have customers who race in autocross, Chumpcar, vintage cars and all the way up to the professional level.

Depending on your budget and your interest level, there are a host of different options to choose from to start racing. You may want to start by renting a ride and doing an HPDE or you may already know that you want to get after it and build your own race car. It does not matter where you are on the spectrum, we want to help you get on the track and have fun doing it. We can even set up private instruction if you want it.

Track Your Exotic?

Speedconcepts Can Help You Prepare Your Car For The Track

So you want to take your machine on the track? There are a host of factors to consider before tracking your car, many of which you may have not thought about. Before you head out to the track with your car, let us help you ensure that you will have an exciting and safe experience.

Safety is our biggest concern while on track. We often see cars out on track that have had big money spent on making huge horsepower, but yet they are still running the standard lap belt that came with their car. At a minimum, we would recommend putting in a harness bar and saftey belts before mashing the pedal on track with your machine.

The faster you want to go, the more you should be doing to protect yourself. A full cage is the way to go for the ultimate protection. However, unless your car is going to be a dedicated track car, you may want to be able to get in and out of your car with ease while your are not at the track. In that case a bolt-in cage would work perfectly. You can bolt it in before you head to the track and take it out when you are done.